Miami Open Competition

Miami Open Competition

We are here at the IBJJF MiamiOpen and have had great results! Congrats to our entire team. Jeff and Josh took 2nd (Josh’s first competition as brown belt), Bruno took first, and GC took third. And as always, some world-class coaching by our very own Professor Tony. These are huge accomplishments and a reflection of the preparation, vision, and hard work of the competitors, Coach, and our entire team. Thanks for believing in what we do.


Coach’s Training Session

Coach’s Training Session

We had a great meeting this afternoon with all of our coaches for our on-going Coach’s Training sessions. These sessions are to share our mission, methodology, and understanding of the art of Jiu Jitsu to our leadership and coaching team. We are dedicated providing on-going support and equipping our leadership in order to maximize everyone’s potential and offer the best program to our students and parents.

We are incredibly grateful and honored to have each of our coaches sharing the mat with us. Their enthusiasm to and commitment to the art of Jiu Jitsu, the academy and all of the students are what makes Team Passos so great. This is the stuff that transforms lives, makes lasting friendships, and impacts our community. Thanks, coaches for all you do. You are a true inspiration!



Video: Tony Passos Seminar Highlights

Professor Tony Passos explaining some omoplata concepts during his last seminar in Westchester MMA-Fit.

“The biggest problem when we get the omoplata is we see the omoplata as just a submission. From the omoplata I can submit my opponent. But also from the omoplata you can do a lot of things from there. If I know 20 attacks but if my opponent knows 5 attacks and one of those is the omoplata, my opponent knows more than I know. Why? Because it is not about the amount of attacks that we can do. It is about whether I can go back and forth. Omoplata is the backdoor attack for the person on the bottom.”

Video: Frazatto Sharing Training Metholody

Here is a short video of Professor Bruno Frazatto sharing about his training methodology.

We want to thank Professor Bruno for coming to share his Jiu Jitsu with our team. His understanding about mechanics and the art is amazing. We believe this weekend immensely helped everyone who was on the mat. We are committed to drill the positions that he showed this past weekend with the focus to improve our passing game.

Professor Bruno, thank you very much for your time and as a team we can’t wait to have you train with us again!