Atos Pernambuco Seminar Highlights

We are in Brazil this week running a coaches training event, a workshop and seminar with Atos Pernambuco in Professor Tony’s hometown of Recife. Below is a highlight video of the seminar. Also checkout the photo album of the workshop and seminar. We’re excited for this new beginning of Atos Pernambuco and are looking forward to returning soon. It’s a special thing to have a BJJ family all over the world!

[Portuguese] O seminario de Professor Tony Passos na Atos Pernambuco. Todos muito focados em aprender a arte do jiu-jitsu. Estamos muito felizes com este novo momento de Atos Pernambuco. Nós temos uma família incrível espalhada por todo o mundo. Não veijo a hora para voltar em breve!

Passando Guardia featuring Professor Tony Passos

Passando Guardia featuring Professor Tony Passos

Here is an article from Passando Guardia featuring Professor Tony Passos.

“One of the first questions I receive from students who have not been training for a long time or who do not yet understand Jiu Jitsu is: “how do I escape from this position?” To them, my answer is: “there is no escape.” My response is usually not well received but rather the student becomes upset. They then ask: “what do you mean there is no escape?” I simply say: “just don’t get in that position.” I do not teach escapes to my newer students and here is why…”


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