2022 Jiu Jitsu Leadership Cohort


We have officially launched our Jiu Jitsu Leadership Cohort for Assistant Coaches at Team Passos HQ in partnership with DreamRoot Leadership Institute!

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This cohort provides a solid foundation for participants to learn how to facilitate world-class jiu jitsu programs and effectively lead others on and off the mat. In addition to equipping and multiplying coaches at Team Passos, this cohort is also a beta program for DreamRoot. They will soon offer the training program to underserved communities around the world (learn more here).

Over the next 4-months, participants will receive tailored instruction and hands-on experience in how to facilitate classes as an Assistant Coach while developing their leadership skills. Cohort participants also benefit from personal coaching sessions and additional resources throughout the program.

With the mission of the academy being to transform people’s lives through the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, one student at a time, so they can achieve more, our coaches carry a large leadership responsibility and influence for impacting positive change.

The goal of the cohort is to equip and empower others to fulfill their leadership calling. This program emphasizes the continued development of the participants’ leadership journey. This cohort is not about accumulating more information. Rather, we at Team Passos are seeking transformation in the way we act in our families, workplaces, schools and at the academy; where we further become the leader each of us are called to be. We measure transformation less on “doing” and rather on our perspective and thought processes, which then effects our decisions, actions, and behaviors.

We believe this Assistant Coaches’ training will have a tremendous impact on each program, student, and the academy as whole. We are always working to take your experience at Team Passos to the next level. Continually equipping and developing our coaches is just one way we ensure you gain world-class jiu jitsu instruction and training experience.

Be sure to give a shout out to the cohort participants assisting in class when you see them!

“Jiu Jitsu is just a tool. The academy is just a platform. Remember: it’s always about people” – Tony Passos

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