BJJ is a War on Space Control

“Technique by itself is nothing if there is not a basic understanding of position and space. Jiu Jitsu is a war on space control. If I control the space I win, if my opponent controls the space he wins. The basic principle is, whoever is attacking has to connect his body on his opponents body to control the space. If I am attacking, regardless if I’m on the bottom or top, I want as little space between my body and my opponent’s body. The very same principle works the opposite way: if I want to defend an attack, I need to create space to then be able to escape.

One position that more obviously illustrates this is the closed guard. The person on the bottom has the primary goal of taking the opponent’s posture. Where for the person on the top, the most important thing before he opens the guard is to keep his posture (keep the distance between his body and his opponent). Though this principle is very obvious from the closed guard it is also true in any other position in BJJ.

We will be talking more about the principles of connection in the next couple of classes.”

– Professor Tony during Monday evening class


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