Atos Pernambuco Seminar Highlights

We are in Brazil this week running a coaches training event, a workshop and seminar with Atos Pernambuco in Professor Tony’s hometown of Recife. Below is a highlight video of the seminar. Also checkout the photo album of the workshop and seminar. We’re excited for this new beginning of Atos Pernambuco and are looking forward to returning soon. It’s a special thing to have a BJJ family all over the world!

[Portuguese] O seminario de Professor Tony Passos na Atos Pernambuco. Todos muito focados em aprender a arte do jiu-jitsu. Estamos muito felizes com este novo momento de Atos Pernambuco. Nós temos uma família incrível espalhada por todo o mundo. Não veijo a hora para voltar em breve!

Team Passos Brazil BJJ Camp Video

Check out this very special video highlighting Team Passos’ Brazil BJJ training camp we did last November in Professor Tony’s hometown of Recife. It was a great time we made a lot of new friends and enjoyed world-class training. When we weren’t on the mats our time was filled with pristine beaches, relaxing by the pool, and eating amazing food.

Our Brazil Training Camp Was a Success!

Our Brazil Training Camp Was a Success!

We have just finished our first Brazil training camp here in Recife/Olinda. It was such a privileged to show our students where Professor Tony grew up and began his BJJ training.

It was such a great group and everyone had a great time training, gaining a deep cultural experience and enjoyed the food and attractions. We are very proud of the way each of the team members trained. We really appreciate them taking their time to experience Brazil with us and see where Team Passos started. We understand that it is a very high commitment to take a week off. We had wonderful training, ate delicious food, visited pristine beaches, and made new friends. We couldn’t have asked for a better time. We are looking forward to our next training Camp in Brazil in 2016! More details to come.

Day trip to Porto de Galinhas

Training at Gracie Humaitá Pernambuco Professor Bruno and his students were very welcoming Gracie Humaitá Pernambuco. It was just like being home. We were able to drill spider guard and a few back attacks. The energy at the gym was great, all the students were hungry to learn – which made our experience even more amazing.


Training at De la Riva in Recife


Training at Arena