BJJ Mobility – Workout VI

Professor Josh shares some of his home BJJ mobility drills with you. This is a full-body mobility workout and promises to give you a good stretch. This will definitely challenge you to prepare for your conditioning workouts

Each of the drills in this video is designed to develop your mobility and conditioning to directly transfer to the mat.

Adult Virtual Class 6/2 – Putting It All Together

Adult Virtual Class 6/2 – Putting It All Together

This week in class we studied a match fro Professor Bruno Frazatto at the 2008 World Championship.  Professor Bruno is a world class Jiu Jitsu player with a dynamic style. For this reason, his match is a great example of applying different strategies to efficiently control and submit his opponent.
Many of the strategies we studied in this match are directly relevant to the concepts and techniques we’ve been learning during our online classes. The GAP concept was clear to see as Prof. Bruno continually controlled the space between him and his opponent with his grips, angles, and positional control. Another concept we saw him applying was the idea of changing levels; from the bottom, he switched between controlling his opponents arms to controlling the legs, and from the top, he transitioned from standing to knees on the ground and vice versa to “change the rules” and force his opponent’s hand. We also saw great use of the half guard or “half-pass” position when Prof. Bruno swept his opponent and locked him down to maintain top control.

Adult Virtual Class – “Position Over Submission”

This week in class we watched a match from Professor Guto Campos at the 2017 Master Worlds and understood the importance of prioritizing Position over Submission. Specifically, how we can use the submission as a way to secure our current position or even advance to a greater one.

When we focus on the position, we are able to advance without losing ground gained in the match. This week we saw Professor Guto make use of the Kimura as a way to lock his opponent and fore a reaction to advance to the guard pass. However, If we are quick to always go for the submission in a match then, we risk losing all the positional ground we have gained.

Behind the Scenes: Perfecting the Art

BJJ video: Mornings on the mat are times for our Coaches to experiment with new positions and perfect our techniques. We’re always working on improving and building on our game to offer the best Jiu Jitsu experience possible.