Gi Drive for Atos PE

Gi Drive for Atos PE

Here is a video of the Gi donation from our students in the US to the students at Atos Pernambuco in Brazil.

The month leading up to this seminar Team Passos students in the U.S .donated gis to surprise our bothers and sisters in Northeast Brazil. Our students donated a total of 62 gis, two belts, and two pairs of shoes. These were received with gratitude and tears. Thank you so everyone who participated in blessing some very special people.

And a huge shout out to our sponsor ONDA Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for donating several of their Recife Limited Edition kimonos. It’s amazing to see the love circle back around to the city that inspired this line.


Teaching Methodology: 3-Step Instruction

During one of our coach’s training sessions, Professor Tony Passos shares briefly on his three-step teaching methodology and how he structures the academy’s curriculum (video below). Every detail of our programs and classes are strategically designed to maximize our students learning the art of Jiu Jitsu.

Team Passos’ curriculum is designed in cycles that vary between 6 to 8 weeks. During these cycles the techniques and concepts are broken down and taught in three steps that then progressively build upon each other. The strategic pace and structure facilitates a progressive understanding of the art while increasing the student’s ability to effectively apply it on the mat.

Concepts over Techniques Video

Here is a glimpse of what we teach at Team Passos. Professor Tony speaks about his methodology of teaching concepts over technique. He also touches on understanding Jiu Jitsu through reverse engineering of what is executed on the mat and uses the side body position to illustrate a few details.