Jiu Jitsu Leadership Cohort Launch

We are excited to announce that we have officially launched our Jiu Jitsu Leadership cohort at Team Passos HQ, in partnership with DreamRoot Leadership Institute!

Over the next 4-months, participants will receive tailored instruction and hands-on experience in how to facilitate classes as an Assistant Coach while developing their leadership skills.

Our mission at the academy is to transform people’s lives through the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu — one student at a time — so they can achieve moreThis cohort is an extension of our academy mission. The purpose of the cohort is to equip and empower others to fulfill their leadership calling and to make a positive impact. Cohort participants will gain a solid foundation on how to facilitate solid jiu jitsu classes and effectively leading others on and off the mat.

In addition to being a vehicle toward participants’ own development personally and as coaches, this cohort is a beta for training and support jiu jitsu social initiatives in Brazil and beyond in partnership with the non-profit DreamRoot Leadership Institute. The support and development of this cohort will help to deliver critically needed help to those doing great work in challenging communities around the world.

Be sure to give a shout out to the cohort participants assisting in class when you see them! 


Cohort Learning Objectives:

Through this cohort, participants will become effective coaches by: 

  • Understanding and applying their unique strengths and leadership style to the mat/as a coach 
  • Implementing best practices for facilitating a safe and effective jiu jitsu class 
  • Applying principles of engaging and motivating students 
  • Practicing effective ongoing rapport building with students and families 
  • Mastering the technical role of an assistant coach 
  • Learning how to deal with common mat challenges 
  • Gaining familiarity with Team Passos teaching methodology

Cohort Structure:

During the cohort, participants have the chance to exercise their gifts and develop the leadership skills through an interactive training program where they learn together. The cohort components include:

  1. Self-paced curriculum and additional resources
  2. In-person group curriculum debriefs meetings where we can learn from each other 
  3. Personal coaching sessions
  4. Weekly class practicums where cohort participants serve in class as Assistant Coaches and gain personalized guidance and feedback


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