JT Torres Seminar

What an excellent seminar we just had with Atos black belt world champion, Professor JT Torres here at Team Passos. We are a huge fan of Professor JT’s style of playing the art of Jiu Jitsu. He is a top BJJ competitor with an outstanding record. It is an honor to train and learn from someone who understand the art of Jiu Jitsu so well. Here is the photo album from this weekend.

Additionally, we had the added bonus of having Professor JT Torres join us for evening class where we worked on passing guard followed by his seminar today. A lot of knowledge was dropped this weekend including the DeLaRivaX sweep and so much more. Here are photos from Friday class.

Congratulations to the many who received belt promotions today! We celebrate not just what we have accomplished but where we are headed. Our Team is being taken to new levels through everyone’s commitment and passion for BJJ.

“Focus on the daily journey of BJJ, not the promotion. Be sure to slow down and enjoy the process. Focusing on being the best white belt you can be, then the best blue belt and so on – and the promotion will come.” – JT Torres

JT Torres BJJ

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