This past Saturday we had our Christmas party at our gym. It was a time to celebrate the amazing year that we had in 2015 but also we had our belt promotion and the honor of hosting a seminar with our brother Kris Kim from South Korea. Check out the photo album from the weekend.

Congratulations to everyone who have recently earned their promotion. Every time someone achieves a belt – it is an achievement of the entire team. The higher you all as students go in your belt ranks, it is a reflection of you all improving in your BJJ. The more you all improve, the more you all challenge us as instructors to keep improving. Thank you! Our goal is to be the BEST in everything we do!

Our academy is a place that people come to learn BJJ but will find much more than that. Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend. And thanks to all our students for the support, trust, and belief in what we do! This is just be very beginning of an amazing journey!

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