Success at the World Championship

Today we got together to watch the black belt semi-finals and finals of the IBJJF World Jiu-Jitsu Championship. Thanks to everyone who came out. There is so much talent on the mats and we watched some incredible matches. Plus it is always a bonus to watch your very own Professor coach in the corner of the top BJJ talent in the world.

Our Atos teammates again fought with character and amazing technical skill and knowledge this entire weekend. Congratulations to Coach Josh and Coach Thatcher on their strong performances. We had great results and will come back even stronger next year.

And a huge shout out to Professor Tony Passos as he coaches today. He has dedicated much of his time preparing for this competition; studying and preparing mentally for the team’s success. In just one day, Professor Tony coached 10 matches for over 6 hours straight.

We are super grateful to each student for your support and commitment to Jiu Jitsu and our academy. It would be impossible to be where we are at right now, the biggest stage of Jiu Jitsu, without you all.

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