We Have to Measure Where We Were

“We have to measure where we were to understand where we currently are. If all you are doing is looking forward, you will never understand your progress and will always be chasing goals. For example, if you got tapped 10 times last week but were tapped only 5 times this week, there is improvement. If your guard got passed from the side body 10 times last week but were passed only 9 times this week there is progress. You are learning; even if you don’t feel like you are or don‘t see it. Everyone learns at a difference pace and in a different way. In general, if you train for 5 days, you will retain and build upon it.

Don’t just use side body, sweep, triangle, etc. to measure progress. If I am passing your guard 5 times in a row, and your goal is not to have your guard passed, you can become discouraged. However, set smaller and achievable goals. Goals that are easily measurable and noticeable will to demonstrate to yourself your improvement. It will be a more fair evaluation of how you are doing. Otherwise you will go crazy and it will become too difficult.

Jiu Jitsu will never get easier; the feeling you are having now…about getting beat up, challenged, and pained. Remember where you came from in order to see how far you have come. Then you will have a better understanding of where you are going as you continue to look forward.” – Professor Tony Passos during class 10/9/15



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