Your Number One Fight On The Mat

“Your number one fight on the mat with BJJ [and in life] is to control your emotions. Breathing is a great tool to help you control those emotions.

A lot of times you get so tense while rolling and you even hold your breath when exerting a lot of effort. Instead, breath the tension out. By not doing so, it is like you are in a car where it is in neutral but your stomping your foot on the gas. The car is not going anywhere. When you put the car in drive, you will start going somewhere. Your breathing is the changing of the gear.

Breathing is the most important part. You have to be able to breath through your nose during the roll. The sooner you conquer your breathing the quicker your Jiu Jitsu will improve.

Your goal should be to find the balance between working hard but breathing smoothly and steadily. When I control my breathing I can control my emotions, I don’t get so tense and am able to perform better.”

– Professor Tony Passos during Wednesday evening’s class



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